We started our activity in 2014

Under the name “Radio Souriat” as an initiative that uses modern development media to be a platform for women in Syria, contributing to raising their voices and working on the thorny issues facing them.

The foundation was legally established inside Syria under the name “Moog” at the end of June of 2020 in the form of a local, civil, non-profit foundation.

“MAUJ” is an institution led by women, governed by the principles of feminism and non-discrimination, and it works in a participatory manner to address societal and developmental issues through four strategic programs as follows:



Supporting pluralism and societal cohesion:

It works to contribute to building civil awareness among individuals and groups and moving from a state of isolation and division to a society in which all freedoms are preserved, and all its components respect the values of diversity and difference.

Enhancing women's participation in public life:

It supports women in their endeavor to be liberated from all forms of injustice, discrimination and absenteeism, by working with all groups of society, women and men, at all levels, to achieve the goals and objectives of equality, prevention, protection and participation.

Adopting and producing gender-sensitive media:

It works to create interactive media content that starts from reality and seeks to create a state of change, as it uses a variety of tools, templates and channels, to produce and publish media materials related to development issues and the direct goals of the Foundation's other programs.

Sustainability of available resources:

It seeks to promote sustainable strategies and practices by focusing on managing and maintaining financial, human, community and institutional resources, using research, training and development mechanisms, and providing consulting solutions within the scope of the institution's work experience in addition to cooperation, networking and coordination of efforts with civil teams and institutions working on advocacy issues. Community mobilization and its work aligns with the values of the institution.



A cohesive, pluralistic Syrian society; All its components enjoy dignity, justice, equality, and effective participation in public affairs, based on the principles of human rights that we seek to achieve through:



1- Preserving human dignity & rights.
2- Respect for diversity and pluralism.
3- The rule of law.
4- Justice and equality.
5- Integrity and transparency.
6- Participation in decision-making.
7- Mainstream conflict sensitivity.
8- Mainstreaming a gender perspective.

Doing the right thing, at the right time