The arts of arguments and proofs

Date: 30 – 01 – 2021

Sham Times – Hazar Suleiman


The MAUJ Foundation started several initiatives as part of its endeavors to support creative ideas for young men and women in the Qalamoun area in the Damascus countryside. It resulted in several small initiatives implemented by youth teams, including the “Road” project.

Director of the programs at the MAUJ Foundation, “Rana Ali” confirmed to “Sham Times” that the “Tareeq” project targets three cities, “Yabroud, Qara, and Nabek,” noting that work is being done on development, and everything related to local development is more than It is linked to our goals, and the Tareeq project is one of these projects that are linked to a program we are working on called

Supporting pluralism and strengthening community cohesion

Ali added that the idea of ​​the project is based on training young people to participate in the development process in the western Qalamoun region, and we started working in three cities, and they were trained on topics related to citizenship and youth participation in the development process and what is the relationship between the development process and local administration, and they were trained on how to come up with the idea of ​​an initiative stemming from The needs of any city, and develop it to be feasible.

She indicated that the trainees tried to read their societies and know the basic problems in them, and how they could, with small interventions, contribute to the solution, and this is linked to the name of the project “road”, because it is the beginning of the road to involve youth in the development process.

She pointed out that the first initiative in Al Nabek was related to hygiene, but it was not to clean the streets, but rather to raise awareness, in addition to several activities that talked about people cleaning the streets in front of their homes, and we give positive examples of these people to educate and encourage others.

As for the city of “Yabroud”

They had the greatest need for electricity. Long rationing and the lack of lighting in the streets led to an increase in accidents and thefts, so they decided to work to light their streets, and we will contribute to lighting a street, in addition to providing assistance from “Yabroud” to the town of “Ras al-Maarrah” to light the two towns, indicating that they will be Working to educate adolescents through workshops on protection and violence.

“Ali” indicated that with regard to the city of “Qara”, the city needed to empower the youth, so a small space was allocated for them to be able to study during the period of power outages, in addition to using the place to give workshops, noting that cooperation was made with the charity, which provided the place, and the rest of the equipment. It was through contributions from the local community to actually take up their role in the community.