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It is part of the program for adopting and producing gender-sensitive media, a media project that was launched in 2017 with the aim of strengthening the feminist agenda by highlighting stereotypes related to the roles of women and men in Syrian society, and trying to mobilize efforts to change these images using social media.

One of the most prominent achievements of the project:

We gained experience in the field of gender-sensitive media at the level of the Foundation's work team, as we have been able over the years to develop diverse media content (audio, visual, written) that addresses different age groups of both genders and highlights the root causes of gender inequality in Syrian society, such as:

- Discriminatory laws, economic need

- Access to decision-making centers, the societal view, and others

This made us one of the leading organizations in this field inside Syria, as the team's expertise was used to implement gender-sensitive media campaigns by other international organizations working in Syria.

Implemented over a period of 3 months, from January to March


Promote youth participation in producing social media content that serves gender issues.

To achieve this, the project team implemented 3 main activities:

  • Implementation of a four-day training 9-10-11-12 January 2019 at the Horizons Without Borders Center in Damascus, in which 12 young men / women from 8 regions of Syria participated to work with them to develop their skills in producing video on websites Communication serves gender issues.
  • The production and publication of videos by the participants as outputs of the training centered on the concept of gender and its link with community issues.
  • Providing support and honoring the radio team on the occasion of the women's holidays in the month of March.
  • Producing and publishing informational content on radio accounts on social media, dealing with 3 axes:
    Breaking stereotypes about asylum and refugee women
    Violence against men
    The importance of supporting men and women

Our most prominent achievements in this phase:

  • New and non-consumer media content focusing on a sensitive issue such as the issue of violence against men in the absence of statistics and society's secrecy about it.
  • 12 young men and women are empowered and able to produce high quality content serving gender issues.
  • Radio has provided new energies and part of the institutional level of sustainability.
  • Enhancing societal cohesion by fighting the stereotypes spread about Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan.
  • Enhancing societal awareness of new terms and issues and raising questions that were not subject to discussion or discussion previously, such as:
    (Violence against men - dowry and marriage costs - compulsory service, equality and gender justice)

Implemented between June and August 2018, and January and March 2019

Emphasis was placed on a number of major themes:

  • Gender and gender-based violence.
  • Discriminatory laws against women and the Convention to End All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).
  • Women in decision-making positions at the local level, in conjunction with local council elections, where cooperation with the (Your Role) campaign was held to raise awareness of candidacy mechanisms and enhance women's opportunities.
  • Women breadwinners and the new gender roles of women and their implications in light of war.

Our most prominent achievements at this stage:

  • Highlighting the importance and necessity of supporting men, so that we can advance the status of women through a feminist series.
  • Access, view, and share of the content produced:
    Video (Because Dreams Don't Wait) It achieved an average reach of 2,579,326, the minutes watched for this video was 1,933,265, and the overall interactions rate was 110,752.
  • Content widely shared by many Syrian and Arab parties, with different political and intellectual affiliation, and we mention the most prominent of them:
    (V liberated, Syrians for Democracy gathering, Syria first, the Jerusalem page, the Qantara website for dialogue with the Islamic world, they are women, the Egyptian awareness association, Syrians making their civilization, the Syrian Women Network - Shams Women, Jordan Chapter of life in My days, within 16 Days Campaign to End Violence Against Women)
    In addition to many agencies and pages that operate inside Syria, such as (Civil Society Platform, Damascus 2020)
  • Using CEDAW and gender videos in training by Syrian and Arab organizations.

It began in December and lasted for two months, with support and funding from Search for Common Ground as part of the project on the image of women in drama, in cooperation with several civil organizations and private parties that included:

  • Syrian Researchers, Berth 22 Syrian Snacks, here is your voice.
  • Snack Syrian, here is your voice.
  • Galatea Media Art Production Company.

The project worked on reaching 3 main results:

  • Shedding light on the stereotype of Syrian women in the media.
  • Display media content different from this image.
  • Winning the youth segment, adolescents and the advanced age group as advocates for women's issues, and engaging men in these issues.

It focused on covering 3 main themes:

Where two trainings on concepts of reproductive health from the perspective of gender-based violence were held in Damascus on:

  • The legal aspect: everything related to guardianship and guardianship of a Syrian mother over her minor children within the Personal Status Law, and the discrimination that befalls Syrian women within the law.
  • The economic aspect: the financial independence of the Syrian woman, the woman as the breadwinner, and her reality in the labor market.
  • Women's participation in public affairs and access to decision-making positions.

Our most prominent achievements in this phase:

  • Achieve high viewership and content reach.
  • A wide participation in the video of guardianship and guardianship in the Syrian laws for minor children by organizations of various affiliations and political orientations:
    (Refugees, Syrian Women Network - Shams Women, Syrians for Democracy Gathering), in addition to the interest and support of a number of lawyers and publishing the video on their pages and personal accounts.
  • The use of the project's videos (guardianship and guardianship in law for minor children) by some activists in the field of women's rights in legal awareness-raising exercises on legal discrimination against women.
  • Involving men in women's issues by working with a media production company whose team consists of 5 men, as well as using a special graphic designer to design graphic content for the project.


Young people trained
to develop their skills
in producing a video


Enabled young people to
produce high quality content


Syrian regions
young people participated
in the training from