Tariq Campaign


The Tariq project, launched by MAUJ, seeks to enhance youth participation in development, so we have completed training workshops in the western Qalamoun region, and this time we were with young men and women from the cities of Yabroud and Qarah who have the desire to implement community initiatives.


On my 25-26 December, the teams became acquainted with their role as an active and proactive youth in the development process, so they analyzed the context of their societies and the problems that their cities were suffering from, and identified the strengths and weaknesses.
Later, I followed Yabroud's group on 27-28 and Qarah Group on 29-30 separately, to move from identifying problems to finding solutions and developing realistic and applicable interventions.

At the end of the training, each group presented an initiative proposal to be implemented with technical and logistical support from MAUJ

Because it is one of MAUJ's main goals to enhance youth participation in development; We carried out training workshops in the city of Nabek on 11_12 18_19 December, in which we targeted 15 participants and participants from the city who have the desire to implement community initiatives.
So we started with them on my day 11-12 to introduce them to citizenship and its principles, civil society and public affairs, local development, youth participation in development in addition to the relationship of local development with the local administration
We completed the 18-19 month with the trainer (Mohamed Al-Masry) and the trainer (Mays Mahjouba) to learn everything related to designing, implementing and managing initiatives, from reading societal needs to formulating a smart goal to analyzing the context and identifying activities for implementation, follow-up and evaluation.
At the end of the training, they submitted a proposal for an initiative to be implemented with technical and logistical support from MAUJ

The Tariq project is one of the wave development projects, and it is part of the program to support pluralism and community cohesion.
The goal of this project is to enhance the participation of youth of both genders in the local development process, specifically within the Western Qalamoun region in cities:

  • Alnabek
  • Yabroud
  • Qarah

That's will be by:

  • Train them
  • Develop their skills
  • Providing the necessary technical and logistical support

All this is so that they can design and implement development initiatives that meet the needs of their communities


Young people trained
to develop their skills
in producing a video


Enabled young people to
produce high quality content


Syrian regions
young people participated
in the training from

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